Addressing Recent Events

Dear Members and Friends of Our FLCC Community,

With the recent demonstrations across the country, we as a church are truly living in historical times.

We mourn with the family of George Floyd and stand in solidarity with those who have experienced the blight of racism and injustice.

As we seek to have a greater understanding of the pain that so many are experiencing, let us continue to remember that in these tumultuous times, Jesus is still the answer, and the Gospel is still the mission.

Let the healing that is needed for our country first begin in our hearts and in how we treat our neighbors.

Full Life Christian Center is committed to working with our community to foster peace and mutual respect. Please take the time to pray for those who are blinded by prejudice and affected by racism.

Tomorrow is counting on us to make a difference today.


Pastor Jonathan Dawson (FLCC Staff) and the Board of Full Life Christian Center