Summer Virtual Retreat 2022

Have you missed being around people lately?  While some may enjoy spending time alone, others find themselves longing for meaningful connections with people.  As Christians, we see so much happening all around us.  Where can we personally find hope and strength each day?  

Just as important, how can you and I be a light to those around us?  Each of us knows people in our lives we wish we could share more with about Jesus. But how?  How can we talk with family, friends, co-workers, and others about our faith in ways that are intentional, timely, and authentic?  

Join us for a powerful and anointed time where we will all learn practical ways to do just that!  Spend an evening connecting with other Christians who have the same holy desire to reach everyone around them with the transforming love and hope and light of Christ.  

Being a light … whether a simple act of kindness or a Spirit-led conversation, God can use you to impact someone’s life for eternity.

Pastor Klayton Ko and Pastor Daniel Goh have known each other since the mid nineties. One of the most cherished times was in Ethiopia where we rode on donkeys immediately after sunrise on a narrow and winding path to the mountain top to “see the nation” and to bless it. Pastor Klayton is indeed a man of God who loves his church, the nations and his family.

 Pastor Klayton Ko is the Hawaii Assemblies of God District Superintendent and the Senior Pastor of First Assembly of God Hawaii. His ministry began in 1984 as a part-time Young Adult’s Director and was appointed Senior Pastor in 1994. Filled with a passion for the Lord and a vision to reach the lost, God led him to expand the church to become “One Church in Six Locations” across the island of Oahu. In 1997, First Assembly of God planted its first church on the Big Island. Since then, churches have been planted around the world: Uganda, Japan, UK, Ireland, Philippines, India, Brazil, East Timor, Samoa and Mexico. Registration is free but required for anyone who wishes to attend service. 

  • Master of Ceremony:  Pastor Jonathan Dawson
  • Worship:  Rick Shinn
  • Guest Speaker: Pastor Klayton Ko (First Assembly of God, Oahu)
  • There will be an opportunity send a digital love offering for the Retreat on Saturday evening


2022 English Retreat Committee:  Pastor Daniel Goh, Pastor Jonathan Dawson, Linda Chin, Willis Dair, Rick Shinn, Pam Wong, Jenny Yee