Intern & Volunteer


We are always looking for quality mentors to staff our program. It is our mentors that make our program unique.

Our mentors oversee a group of 8-12 students each day. Many college students use their mentoring experience for internship credits. The best part is that it is a paid internship! Check with your school to see if our program qualifies. For a full job description or to apply, contact is


Dozens of teenagers and adults volunteer at our program each week and we LOVE it!. We feel that everyone should have the opportunity to give back and serve others.

Many of our volunteers help students with their homework and reading, leading activities such as art and recreation as well as special projects.  Please contact us at to get additional information and apply.


KCASF reserves funds in our budget for scholarships each year. In addition, we have annual fundraisers to help pay for new supplies and equipment for our program. Any help you can offer to assist in these efforts are greatly appreciated. Please contact Full Life Christian Center for ways that you can contribute to our outreach to our neighborhood.